Other Sources of Scholarships and Tuition Assistance


+ A Better Chance
Refers academically talented students entering grades 6 through 11 to some of the nation's finest independent and public schools to be considered for placement and financial aid.

+ Commonweal Foundation
Provides scholarships to low-income high school students to attend boarding and day schools that are partner schools.

+ Jack Kent Cooke Foundation
Identifies and supports young people of exceptional promise, application, deportment, and character who have financial need and demonstrated excellence in academic endeavors and extracurricular activities.


+ Alabama Opportunity Scholarship Fund
Awards scholarships to eligible, low-income students, to pay for private school tuition or transfer fees to a non-failing public school in Alabama.


+ Arizona Scholarship Fund
Assists Arizona's families in providing their children with a private education.

+ Arizona School Choice Trust
Awards low-income families tuition scholarships to enable their children to attend private elementary and secondary schools (K-12).

+ Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA)
Creates education savings accounts for students with special needs to use on tuition, fees, online education, educational therapies, tutoring, testing, and higher education courses.

+ Lexie's Law
Provides scholarships through scholarship tuition organizations for special needs students to attend private schools.

+ School Tuition Organizations (STOs)
STOs use individual and corporate contributions to provide scholarships to families in Arizona to use for private school tuition for grades K-12. Many of these scholarships are based on financial need, and each scholarship organization has a separate application process.


+ Catholic Education Foundation
Provides scholarship assistance for children in Catholic schools in Los Angeles.

+ The Guardsmen Scholarship Program
Offers partial scholarships to local private schools for San Francisco Bay Area children to attend a school of parent/guardian choice.

+ The Independent Institute
Provides tuition assistance to low- to moderate-income families in Contra Costa and Alameda counties for K-12 private or parochial schools.

+ The Smart Program
Schools, Mentoring and Resource Team (SMART) provides middle school scholarships for children in San Francisco, as well as providing other social supports including summer programs, and high school placement assistance.


+ Byrne Urban Scholars
Provides scholarships, mentoring, and other tools to adolescents experiencing risk factors that reduce their odds of graduating high school.

+ Douglas County School Choice Program
The Douglas County School Board enacted a voucher program for students living in Douglas County.

+ Parents Challenge
Provide scholarships to students in Colorado Springs to attend private school. Parents Challenge also offers tutoring and cognitive skills training.


+ CEO of Connecticut
Provides scholarships for K-5 children in Hartford, Bridgeport, and New Haven.

+ St. Michael Women's Association
A scholarship fund to assist family members of St. Michael the Archangel Catholic Church and St. Timothy Chapel with student’s educational expenses.

District of Columbia

+ Archdiocese of Washington Tuition Assistance Program
Provides tuition assistance to students applying to or currently enrolled in Catholic schools in Washington, D.C. and Calvert, Charles, St. Mary’s, Montgomery, and Prince George’s Counties in Maryland. Assistance is based on financial need and students must apply each year.

+ Black Student Fund
Assisting African-American students in the admissions process, making available scholarship grants, and providing essential services that allow students to focus on their education, complete high school and enter college.

+ Capital Partners in Education
Provides private high school scholarships for DC children.

+ D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program
Provides scholarships to low-income students to attend participating private schools for grades K-12.

+ Latino Student Fund
Competitive scholarships available to Latino students enrolled in private or parochial schools who receive financial aid from their schools.

+ The Sheperd Foundation
Provides tuition assistance for families who need financial aid in order to send their children to Catholic elementary and high schools.


+ Delaware KIDS Fund
Provides scholarships for students in grades K-12, including students with special needs.


+ Florida Tax Credit Scholarships
Provides scholarships through Scholarship Funding Organizations (STOs) to low-income students to attend private schools.

+ McKay Scholarship Program
Provides scholarships for Florida students with disabilities.

+ Step Up For Students
Provides private scholarships for low-income children in Florida.


+ Arete Scholars Fund
Awards need-based K-12 scholarships and empowers parents to place their children in schools that best suit their unique gifts and learning needs.

+ Georgia Special Needs Scholarship
Scholarships for children with disabilities who previously attended Georgia public schools.

+ Georgia Private School Tax Credit Program
Provides scholarships to students in Georgia through approved Student Scholarship Organizations to attend private school.


+ Big Shoulders Fund
Provides scholarships for children attending Chicago Catholic schools.

+ Daniel Murphy Scholarship Fund
Provides scholarships to high school students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds in Chicago.

+ LINK Unlimited
Provides educational services (opportunities to receive quality private school education) and mentoring to economically disadvantaged African American youth from the Chicago area.


+ Indiana School Choice Program
Provides scholarships to low- and middle-income students to attend participating private schools.


+ Iowa School Tuition Organization Tax Credit
Provides scholarships through scholarship tuition organizations for low-income students to attend private schools.


+ School CHOICE Scholarships, Inc.
Provides K-6 scholarships for low-income families in Louisville and Jefferson County.


+ Student Scholarships for Educational Excellence Program
Provides scholarships to low-income students who attend failing schools in grades K-6. Students must reside in Orleans Parish.

+ School Choice Pilot Program
Provides scholarships to students in grades K-8 who have an Individualized Education Program and are in needs of special needs services. Students must reside in Jefferson, East Baton Rouge, Orleans, Caddo, St. Tammany, or Lafayette Parishes.


+ Maine Children's Scholarship Fund
Provides scholarships to Maine children in K-12 to help pay for part of public, private or home school.

+ Maine Community Foundation
Provides information on three scholarship opportunities to attend private high schools for Maine residents.


+ Abell Foundation
Provides full scholarships to male students in Baltimore City to attend the Piney Woods School, a historically black college preparatory boarding school outside of Jackson, Mississippi.

+ Baltimore Educational Scholarship Trust
Provides scholarships to low-income African American students in grades Pre-K-12 in the Baltimore metropolitan area to attend a participating school.


+ Community Caring Program
Provides scholarships to low-income children in the Detroit metropolitan area.


+ Minnesota Independent Scholar's Forum
Provides scholarships to low-income students in Minnesota to attend a private high school.

+ Minnesota Revenue
A tax credit may be available to Minnesota residents who pay for private school or homeschool their children.


+ Strong City School Fund
Provides scholarships to low-income students to attend an elementary school or early childhood center in the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph.

New Hampshire

+ Liberty Scholarship Fund
Provides scholarships to New Hampshire students to attend private school in New Hampshire.

New Jersey

+ Student Partner Alliance
Provides tuition assistance and mentoring to high school students in Newark, Jersey City, Bayonne, South Orange, Montclair, and Elizabeth.

+ The Wight Foundation
Provides scholarship grants, based on family income, to attend boarding schools in New England and the Mid-Atlantic. Applicants must be in 7th grade and attend school in Essex, Union, Hudson, Passaic, or Middlesex Counties.

+ Tri-County Scholarship Fund
Provides scholarships to low-income students in Passaic, Morris, and Sussex Counties.

New Mexico

+ Educate New Mexico
Assists low-income families with children entering grades K-12 offset the cost of tuition at the school of their choice through a program of tuition assistance.

New York

+ Futures in Education
Scholarships for families with limited resources get the help to send their children to Catholic schools in Brooklyn and Queens.

+ Inner-City Scholarship Fund
Provides funding to 86 elementary and 21 secondary schools in some of the poorest neighborhoods in Manhattan, the Bronx and Staten Island.

+ Prep for Prep
Identifies talented students from minority group backgrounds, prepares them for placement in independent schools, and provides a sense of community, peer support, critical post-placement services, and a range of leadership development opportunities.

+ Student Sponsor Partners
Provides as many of New York City's at-risk high school youth as possible with an opportunity to receive a quality non-public high school education, through the financial support and one-to-one guidance of a four-year Sponsor.

+ Teak Fellowship
Helps talented New York City students from low-income families gain admission to and succeed at top high schools and colleges. Along with academic support, TEAK provides leadership training, exposure to the arts and outdoors, mentoring, career experience, and assistance with the high school and college application processes.

+ The Albert G. Oliver Program
Mission is to cultivate a new generation of leaders by providing exceptional youth of African and Latino American descent from New York City access to selective boarding and day independent schools and continued support for achieving their future academic and professional goals.


+ Autism Scholarship Program
Provides students with autism scholarships to attend a private school. Students must be identified as autistic through the school district and must be assigned an Individualized Education Program (IEP).

+ Cleveland Scholarship Program
Gives scholarships to high school seniors, adult learners, and teachers.

+ Cleveland Scholarship and Tutoring Program
Provides scholarships to students in grades K-8 and live in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District to attend private school. Preference is given to low-income students and scholarships may continue through high school.

+ Ohio EdChoice Scholarship Program
Provides a limited number of scholarships to Ohio students who attend persistently under-performing public schools.


+ Lindsey Nicole Henry Scholarship
Provides special needs vouchers to children who have an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and attended a public school in Oklahoma in the previous school year.


+ CEO America, Lehigh Valley
Provides a 1-year scholarship for financially disadvantaged children in Pennsylvania to attend any public, parochial or non-public school of their choice.

+ Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) Program
Designates qualified scholarship organizations that can grant scholarships to students under the program.

+ Pennsylvania Children's Tuition Fund
Offers scholarships for private Christian schools in Pennsylvania through the Association of Christian Schools International

+ Philadelphia BAEO Scholarship Program
Parents in a growing number of cities and states have access to privately financed programs that support school choice by offering students partial scholarships.

Rhode Island

+ Rhode Island Foundation
Manages more than 150 scholarship funds for middle school, high school, and college scholarships.

+ Rhode Island Scholarship Alliance
Promotes educational opportunities for economically disadvantaged students through the Rhode Island Scholarship tax credit program.

+ Rhode Islanders Sponsoring Education
Provides scholarships and mentoring to children of currently and formerly incarcerated parents.


+ Austin Children's Educational Opportunity (CEO) Foundation
Provides scholarships of $1000 per year for three years for at-risk students.


+ Carson Smith Special Needs Scholarship
Provides a special needs voucher to Utah students who are identified as disabled and learning under an Individualized Education Program (IEP) or are attending an eligible private school and in need of specialized services.


+ Vermont Student Opportunity Scholarship Fund
Provides scholarship to help low-income parents choose schools for their children.


+ The Milwaukee Parental Choice Program
Provides an opportunity for students, under specific circumstances, to attend at no charge, private sectarian and nonsectarian schools located in the city of Milwaukee.

An independent non-profit foundation that makes excellent educational opportunities possible for Milwaukee families.



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