Basic Steps to Apply

1. Find the CSF partner program nearest to you by visiting the Program Map. If your area is not listed click here to find other tuition assistance programs in your state or nationwide.

2. Contact your CSF partner program to see if scholarships are being offered and if you meet the basic requirements.

3. Request an application by email or phone. If you live In NYC, you must pick up applications at the private schools.

4. Complete and return application to the program office. Note that you will be required to submit your federal tax forms and/or other financial information with the application, as well as a current public school report card (unless your child is entering kindergarten for the first time). Also, part of your application must be signed by the principal of your desired private school. Remember to keep a copy of the application for your own records.


Scholarship Details

Scholarships are generally awarded on a first-come, first-served basis; so the earlier you complete your application, the better chance you will have of receiving a scholarship. Some partner programs have a specific deadline, so please check with the partner program in your area.

All families are required to demonstrate their financial need as measured by standards similar to the National School Lunch Program.

Children eligible for a scholarship must be entering grades K-8 (some programs require children to be entering K-5 or K-6). In most cases, new scholarships are only awarded to children coming from public school or children entering kindergarten. Recipients must be 5 years old by the beginning of the school year for which they have been awarded a scholarship. (Exceptions can be made for children who are at least 4½ if the school confirms that they have been accepted into the regular kindergarten class and are expected to enter 1st grade the following academic year. No exceptions will be made for students in ungraded schools.)

Scholarships are awarded to all eligible children in a family, provided they are entering eligible grades the year the family won.

CSF does not award new high school scholarships, although some partner programs extend scholarships for recipients after they graduate from 8th grade. CSF focuses on elementary education because the earlier a child receives sound schooling, the better.

Families receive 75%, 50% or 25% of their tuition, depending on their income and house size. (Exceptions: If a family earns $100 or less over the limit for a percentage category, they are allowed to remain in the higher percentage category. If a family is more than $100 over income, the program director may determine that the family has extenuating circumstances and document the decision in the family’s file and in the database.)

The maximum scholarship cap varies from city to city, and the average award is around $1,599.

Families must always contribute at least $500 (per family, not per child) toward tuition.

It is our goal that all scholarships be extended through the 8th grade. However, this depends on the availability of funding and on the family’s continuing eligibility.


Family Resources

The following are helpful links for parents and kids involved with CSF.

Parent's Corner

Big Brother Big Sister
Oldest and largest youth mentoring organization.

Boy Scouts
Young men achieve the objectives of strengthening character, personal fitness, and good citizenship.

Boys and Girls Club
Safe place to learn, grow and have fun in a safe environment.

Casita Maria
After school education in the Arts, Literacy and Job Readiness while addressing critical needs for youth, families and seniors in predominantly Hispanic communities in New York City and beyond.

Girl Scouts
The world's preeminent organization dedicated solely to girls where they can build character and skills for success in the real world.

+ More Resources

Kid's Corner
A variety of educational subject searches.

American Library Association
Recommends books to read.

Avalon Project
Documents in law, history, and diplomacy.

Awesome Library
Library searches for fun or academic purposes.

+ More Resources


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